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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fourging On

I've sold three prints so far this week - the Catalina, RM30 & BR 9F. Oh, and the new Fokker. That's four. I'll try Brett's new printer to see if he's any good. At this rate I'll need to find a new source of tubes - oh, Brett, about those tubes I gave you earlier this year...

The new Fokker is finished:

Although there are a number of replica Fokker Dr.1's flying today, there are no original Dreideckers left. Serial No 152/17 (depicted here), in which Manfred von Richthofen obtained three victories, was displayed at the Zeughaus museum in Berlin. The triplane was destroyed by an Allied bombing raid during World War II.

I also finished one of a Phantom F-4 II (a USS Constellation-based Phantom that saw service during the Vietnam War) that had been hanging around:

And I've started on a rather ambitious drawing of an NZR locomotive - Ja 1211. There's an awful lot of black (not greys like the 9F), pipework and valve gear but I'm keen to draw a series of the larger NZ locomotives.

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